Tuesday, January 8, 2008

40th Birthday

Well, Saturday was my 40th Birthday and I was sick, the whole weekend. Didn't go to work on Monday, and find out today, that they threw me a surprise party and I wasn't even there to celebrate. Not good at all. The year 2008 has bit the big one in my opinion. First, on New Years Day, I find out that someone that was in my house, stole my sons IPOD. This got me made me mad, but I got over it and said I didn't care to have any of my kids friends over, because one of them is the one that stole it. Second, the kids that were already here, decided to throw the power pack for Allison's lap top off the balcony, where my camera just happened to be sitting. Broke the glass on the display, had to ship it to New Jersey in order for it to be repaired. Ending up costin $305 to repair it. Still waiting for it to be shipped back. I have all these pictures I want to take and don't have my camera.

Here is some pictures of Brandon and Allison playing Rock Star. Fun game, I am just not very good at it.

Thanks for lissening to my rants.

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The Peter Files Blog of Comedy said...


Don't worry about turning 40, you don't look at the numbers hard until they near 50! LOL and my son is only 5! Your kids look happy and, well healthy anyway. They are teens aren't they? Seriously, you look like you are doing a great job. Great fun writing.

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