Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Same old thing, going to the in-laws. Wanting to make our own Thanksgiving dinner. Michael and I haven't done that for 6 year now. Would truly love to be able to have some of our friends over for Thanksgiving. Will be thinking of my parents. Wish they could come one year and spend Thanksgiving with us. It has been 6 years since they have spent Thanksgiving with us. Just seems like a sad time of year. Guess I should be thankful that my kids and Michael will be there. Who cares about everyone else.

Here is something I did with my name from Blogthings.

What Natalie Means

N is for Naughty

A is for Astounding

T is for Tricky

A is for Amazing

L is for Loud

I is for Innocent

E is for Ebullient

Here is another layout. This one is with Allison and Sherre.

Monday, November 19, 2007


Well, Thursday Allison had her belly button pierced and Brandon got a tattoo. I think the belly button piercing is better than the tattoo. I wasn't there for either one, but apparently Allison went all drama queen on the Doc. She said she was going to die from the piercing, asked the Doc to be put to sleep so she wouldn't feel anything. Made both Michael and the Doc laugh. It came out looking really good. Signed for Brandon to get the tattoo, since he doesn't turn 18 for a couple of weeks. It came out pretty good, just a little big for my taste, but then again, he is a big kid.

Found out Allison had Mono. Yeah!!! NOT!!!! She hadn't been feeling well for about 2 weeks and one of her friends found out they had mono so, thought she should be check. Once again drama queen appeared. The same Doc checked her for this. When the nurse came in to prick her finger, she hid in the corner and said it would hurt. She thought this was the best part of seeing the doc when she was little. The nurse puts a band aid on it after wards and left. Allison looks at her finger and can see the blood through the bandage. Now she thinks she is going to bleed to death from a finger prick. She say "I am serious Mom, I am going to die". Yeah right Allison. The Doc comes in and tells her she is positive for mono. She asks if Allison has gotten the flu mist. I say yes and explain how difficult that was. So the Doc asks "How do you do it", Allison then goes into explaining how you do the flu mist. She is a Doc and knows how to do the mist. She is talking to me and how can I put up with Allison. Has us all laughing. When you have a Drama Queen in the house you just know and expect certain things. Drama being the main thing.
Here is a few of my older layouts.

Sunday, November 11, 2007


I'd love to know more about you....
Yourself: still a work in progress

Your hair: needs something, hair coloring and a hair cut.

Your mother: loving and giving.

Your father: funny and giving, no one understands him.

Your favorite item: camera and my scrapbooking materials.

Your dream last night: most of the time, I don't remember my dreams.

Your favorite drink: Pepsi - Pepsi and Crown Royal

Your dream car: Mercedes

The room you are in: the office

You fear: failure, falling, getting lost

Where you want to be in 10 years: Playing with grandbabies

Who you hung out with last night: Michael and the kids.
You’re not: jealous

One of your wish list items: a backyard that is like you see on TV, swimming pool, landscape is to die for.

The last thing you did: emailed my parents.

You are wearing: Jeans and a long sleeve shirt.

Your favorite weather: Warm enough to lay in the sun, but no hot enough that you cannot stay out for a long period of time. Usually Spring.

Your favorite book: I love to read, so any book is a favorite at that time.

Last thing you ate: A bowl of cereal.

Your life: Not enough time in the day

Your mood: Happy

Your best friend: Gayle

What are you thinking about right now: getting ready for bed...
Your car: 350 Z

What are you doing at the moment: Updating my blog

Relationship status: happily married

What is on your t.v: nothing yet.

When is the last time you laughed: I laugh everyday, my family and friends are just to funny. Even at work, I laugh. Life is too short not to laugh at it once in awhile.
I just love this picture of Allison. Her friend came over and cut her hair and put on make-up. I think she is just so cute. Love you Allison.

Good night

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Pain in the Back

I can't believe I messed up my back by bending over to pick up my cell phone, but sure enough, that is what happened. Tried going to work yesterday and only lasted until 4:00. This morning isnt any better, it didn't hurt until I tried to get ready and the pain was worse than yesterday. Couldn't get an appointment with the doc until tomorrow morning at 9:30.

Allison got into a fight at school, got a knot on her head, took her to the doc and she said everything was fine. Just watch out for dizzy spells, vomiting and pupils that were different sizes. I think she was more upset that a supposed friend is the one that fought her.

Saturday's trip to Nashville was a pain in the butt. I got Michael lost more times than I could count. We found out we could have made the trip Sunday morning and saved $300. But oh well, that is life and we live and learn. The hall didn't have handicap parking, so Michael had to walk up hill two city blocks, and then once inside the hall had to walk to the second floor. He is still recovering from that. Glad I went and moved the truck so that he didn't have to walk all the way down to blocks. Allison's team came in second. I think they deserved first. We didn't get home until midnight. Allison ended up with a cold and stayed home Monday. No school Tuesday because of elections.

I need to take some pictures of the trees changing colors. We have lived in this house for 5 years and this is the first time the oak hasn't froze and turned brown. It is beautiful this year, even though it has been really cold.