Sunday, November 11, 2007


I'd love to know more about you....
Yourself: still a work in progress

Your hair: needs something, hair coloring and a hair cut.

Your mother: loving and giving.

Your father: funny and giving, no one understands him.

Your favorite item: camera and my scrapbooking materials.

Your dream last night: most of the time, I don't remember my dreams.

Your favorite drink: Pepsi - Pepsi and Crown Royal

Your dream car: Mercedes

The room you are in: the office

You fear: failure, falling, getting lost

Where you want to be in 10 years: Playing with grandbabies

Who you hung out with last night: Michael and the kids.
You’re not: jealous

One of your wish list items: a backyard that is like you see on TV, swimming pool, landscape is to die for.

The last thing you did: emailed my parents.

You are wearing: Jeans and a long sleeve shirt.

Your favorite weather: Warm enough to lay in the sun, but no hot enough that you cannot stay out for a long period of time. Usually Spring.

Your favorite book: I love to read, so any book is a favorite at that time.

Last thing you ate: A bowl of cereal.

Your life: Not enough time in the day

Your mood: Happy

Your best friend: Gayle

What are you thinking about right now: getting ready for bed...
Your car: 350 Z

What are you doing at the moment: Updating my blog

Relationship status: happily married

What is on your t.v: nothing yet.

When is the last time you laughed: I laugh everyday, my family and friends are just to funny. Even at work, I laugh. Life is too short not to laugh at it once in awhile.
I just love this picture of Allison. Her friend came over and cut her hair and put on make-up. I think she is just so cute. Love you Allison.

Good night

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