Wednesday, April 30, 2008

It has been a long time

Life has been a little busy for me lately. Work and taking care of things is getting a little crazy. I am behind on everything, housework-somewhat given up on that, if I can keep it vacuumed that is good enough. Checking account-about a month behind on that. Grocery shopping-did that this past week but that was 2 months of the kids complaining there wasn't anything to eat (just none of the snacks that they want).

Brandon's graduation is creeping closer. It is now scheduled for June the 7th with the last day of school on the 4th. Allison is going to Prom even though she is a freshman-she is going with one of her guy friends. That is May the 10th, went shopping last weekend and we found a beautiful dress that suited her and me and her father as well. Scheduled her hair and make-up for early that morning. I am so excited. I just wish Brandon wanted to go. I didn't go to any of my Prom's and I don't want him to regret not going later in life. But it is his choice.

Allison has been having panic attacks, don't know yet what the cause of them is. Have a doctors appointment tomorrow and maybe we can find some clues as for the cause.

Michael has MS and has had a few serious falls this past week. Has the scraps and bruises to prove it. The bad thing is that he usually falls face first. Luckily one of the kids have been with him. Brandon was able to pick him up but Allison had to call me at work and I came and picked him up. He has such a great outlook even though this disease is terrible.

On the brighter side of things I had a good month of March won supplies from Paper Trunk.

Also won a ring from Teresa Collins.

Have pictures later of Allison's prom dress.

Have a good couple of weeks or months, until I write again.


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